Wedding ring purchase
with honeymoon feeling


Wedding ring purchase
with honeymoon feeling

Being newly engaged is a wonderful feeling!
After the first flight of fancy, the wedding planning can begin. At the top of the list for many couples: The choice of wedding rings. This decision needs to be carefully considered, after all, the rings are the symbol of your inseparable bond of love. The only memory of the big day that will outlast the years physically and tangibly: You will wear it for a lifetime.

Accordingly, buying wedding rings should not just be an item on your to-do list, but an experience that you take time for. Wie wäre es, wenn die Auswahl von Trauringen gleich mit einem romantischen Kurzurlaub im schönen Tessin verbunden werden könnte?

Just imagine that: You can expect beautiful ring designs from the brands Furrer-Jacot, Giloy and Jewellry by Martina. In addition, an elegant suite with a fantastic view of the blue Lake Maggiore, a cool glass of white wine in your hand, and a private and individual consultation from the wedding ring designer herself, without any time pressure. Wouldn’t this be an unforgettable memory that will strengthen your love and anticipation for your wedding once again?

This is not a dream, but reality: at Andreas and Martina’s La Gioia Ascona.


Karl Wild Hotelrating

“La Gioia is a new hideaway of superlatives. It is located around two kilometers from
Ascona is located on the steep slope of Ronco and can be reached via a private cable car….”

Excerpt from the Karl-Wild Hotel Guide 2024/2025 the 100 most beautiful hotels in Switzerland


Your wedding ring purchase at LA GIOIA ASCONA

The view from our jewelry studio,
Here you try on your rings.

La Gioia Ascona is a stylish accommodation with an unrivalled view of Lake Maggiore.

It not only consists of a few individually designed, luxurious suites, but also houses a fine, owner-managed jewellery studio.

Our wedding gift for all bridal couples:

If you are enthusiastic about wedding rings from our jewellery studio, we will give you two nights at La Gioia Ascona* as a gift with your purchase. Even three as part of our Opening Action.
*(from CHF 4,000 for the pair of wedding rings)


Your wedding ring holiday at LA GIOIA ASCONA



Wedding ring purchase

Wedding ring purchase




For all those who love something special:
Jewelry advice with style and pleasure

Immerse yourself in the world of La Gioia Ascona owner and jewellery designer Martina Mittelmann. Experience an individual and absolutely personal consultation without time pressure and purchase expectations.

Instead of the hustle and bustle and excessive choice, an oasis of nature with absolute privacy awaits you here. Here you can enjoy the view of Lake Maggiore and a good glass of wine personally selected by your host Andreas Hoffmann.

At La Gioia Ascona jewelry studio, impeccable quality meets the transparent, ethically impeccable origin of all materials. We are proud of our personal and long-standing relationships with our suppliers, who also attach great importance to sustainability. The perfect basis for you to feel good about wearing these beautiful pieces – for a lifetime.


Striking shapes, unique design

Our wedding rings are made for couples who want to express their togetherness to the outside world. Martina’s designs are a statement for diversity and individuality, regardless of gender, conventions and social norms. Striking elegance – just as unique as the couples who wear them.


Tamur wedding rings

In addition to Martina’s designs, we deliberately chose the traditional Swiss brand Furrer Jacot and the German brand Giloy. For over 150 years, the oldest wedding ring brand in the world has stood for strikingly beautiful design and meticulous craftsmanship perfected to perfection. The brand has thus established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality wedding rings. Furrer Jacot is also exemplary when it comes to the sustainability and traceability of the materials used! Giloy is one of the largest and most experienced companies in the wedding ring segment in Germany.

Each individual piece is a unique piece of the highest precision, an expression of feelings, a connection, a story. The symbol of your love and future together.

The special offer

Wedding ring shopping with a honeymoon feeling

Wedding rings are deeply personal and an expression of individual style. You should therefore take your time when choosing your rings – after all, they will be with you for the entire duration of your marriage.

Book two nights with us at La Gioia Ascona and get personal advice from owner and jewellery designer Martina. Examine each piece in our studio undisturbed and without time pressure. Enjoy a good glass of wine, let yourself be enchanted by the view of Lake Maggiore and dream of your future together.

And if you find what you are looking for in this feel-good atmosphere and buy your beautiful wedding rings here, you will benefit twice over: we will give you a first wedding present and waive the accommodation costs.




Wedding rings, art, holidays: Together or
in combination – you decide.


Wedding rings
by Martina


Furrer Jacot




The hosts

We are a well-coordinated team. My wife is responsible for the jewellery; she has shaped the design of our collection. I am your point of contact for the art.

We both love beautiful things: music, the good life and culinary delights in the company of others with a similar mindset!

La Gioia Gastgeber


The hosts

We are Martina Mittelmann and Andreas Hoffmann, husband and wife, a well-rehearsed team, South Africa lovers and hosts. We love beautiful things: music, art and the good life with culinary delights in the company of other people who think alike.

With La Gioia Ascona, we have fulfilled a dream and we are delighted to be able to share it with others. Andreas is an art lover and has an interesting story to tell about every piece in the interior and exterior of La Gioia. Martina is a jewelry designer and has shaped the design of our collection. Our declared aim is to put a smile on our customers’ faces every time they remember how wonderful it was to have bought their jewellery from us.

La Gioia Gastgeber

Visit us at La Gioia Ascona and get to know us!



We’re here for you. La Gioia Ascona is not a 5-star hotel, our concept is different. Nevertheless, we are not afraid of comparison. Our location is breathtaking and we as hosts are as unique as you are. If you are travelling together with two other couples, you will be among yourselves and enjoy absolute privacy.


Breakfast when and what you want – we are not a hotel, but of course we organize the best Ticino ingredients for a successful start to the day.


With us, you can not only relax, but also exercise. Our pool has a counter-current system. A rowing machine, punching bag, kettle bells and yoga area is also available.

Outdoor gallery

Our limited edition outdoor artwork can be viewed on the terrace.

Jewellery fitting

Of course, we will be happy to show you our jewelry according to your own design – in a relaxed and absolutely undisturbed atmosphere.

Wine tastings

We see ourselves as ambassadors for good wines. We are happy to taste various wines together with you.


Whatever you want, we can help you turn your ideas into reality.


Special offer Swiss Wedding

Simply fill out the contact form in full.

If you find your wedding rings here and they cost at least CHF 4,000 together, we will give you 3 nights at La Gioia Ascona instead of 2 as our personal wedding gift.

You must have booked your wedding ring honeymoon by 31 August 2024. You can spend your 3-day holiday here as part of our promotion until 31 March 2025.

Your hosts, Martina and Andreas, will answer you promptly. We are really looking forward to getting to know you in Ascona.

*The suites are allocated by us according to availability.


Via Gottardo Madonna 66
6620 Ronco spora Ascona


0041 79 927 58 08
0049 170 77 323 54

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