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Do you want to be able to make a living from your art?

La Gioia Ascona Arthouse was founded to make the vision of the founding couple Martina Mittelmann and Andreas Hoffmann a reality. Both want to create oases of inspiration that appeal to all the human senses: places to recharge your batteries. Art is a supporting element here, because artists in particular are characterized by the ability to accumulate energy in their works and let it have an effect on the viewer. At the same time, their work should make the world a more beautiful place, serving customers, investors, the employees involved, and artists alike. In order to distribute profit, it must first be generated; no one can avoid this reality. So here are some simple questions to start with: Do you want to be able to make a living from your art?


Our concept

Have you been stuck in the typical vicious circle of an artist who doesn’t earn enough and therefore has to keep his head above water with side jobs? Does this cause you to invest only some of your waking time in your artistic progress and lose focus?

We see parallels here with the professional athlete: no top athlete can afford to work part-time at another job. It’s no different in art. We offer the following solution: You get the opportunity to work as a freelance artist and at the same time receive a regular income through commissioned work.

The special feature here: We tailor this custom work to fit your individual style. It is part of our philosophy to combine the pleasant with the useful. We want to move you forward, not bend you. Their best should be brought out, because this is exactly what will find its way to art collectors. In the end, it is always the collector who decides on the sale.

Even though we would like to be able to do this exclusively, we do not support our protégés out of pure charity. Rather, we consider ourselves diamond cutters – and in a sense earn money from refining artistic rough diamonds into brilliants. You and your creative power to be promoted are the basis of our success.


Our proposal

  1. We analyze your initial situation.
  2. Your first project work will be determined together with you.
  3. If needed, we offer help for: Theme, style, composition and technique.
  4. Technical equipment will be provided if necessary.
  5. We will discuss your progress together at regular appointments.
  6. After project acceptance you will receive your advance.
  7. We create suitable advertising measures and exhibit your work.
  8. Her finished works are distributed through La Gioia Ascona.

If this results in a fruitful perspective for both sides, then the process continues. We put our profound know-how at your disposal. You yourself can only profit, because the cost risk lies with us. In the end, our objective is almost identical: you establish yourself as an artist on the art market and, in the process, continuously increase your reputation. We earn money from the sale of your works at fair gallery conditions until the contract with La Gioia Ascona Arthouse expires. If you feel you fit in with us as a seasoned artist or emerging talent, please feel free to apply. We look forward to seeing you and your art.


Our application procedures for artists

We will get back to you as soon as possible, at the latest after two weeks. If your application has convinced us, you will receive a questionnaire that will allow us to get an even more concrete picture of your artistic talent. If we are also convinced by the content of the questionnaire, we will get to know you personally and discuss the framework conditions of our support.

Of course, we treat your personal data and pictures confidentially and delete them as soon as you ask us to do so. If we do not meet, your data will be automatically deleted within two weeks from the time of our feedback.


La Gioia Ascona Arthouse expects the following qualities from all our applicants as a prerequisite: unconditional will for artistic and economic success // discipline // critical faculties // ability to work in a team // advanced artistic skills // willingness to experiment // adherence to deadlines // honesty // passion // attitude

If we have made you curious about La Gioia Ascona Arthouse and you would like to cooperate with us in the future, apply now at:


We look forward to seeing you

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