A feast for all the senses. An exceptional artist met an exceptional musician in an exceptional location. Guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening at a place that was specially created to showcase art and music in the perfect setting.

Dear guests and enthusiasts of ART ADVENTURE at the MAC from 25 September 2021, many weeks of preparation and organisation finally came to an end last weekend at our art event….and what an event it was! An explosion of unique art, beautiful music and culinary delights in a fantastic location. It was important for us to hold a memorable event.
We would like to take this opportunity to mention that our artist, Michael Sazarin, was overwhelmed by the evening he shared with his many guests. The demand for Michael’s pictures, of which a significant number have been sold to date, demonstrates a mutually ‘functioning chemistry’. The significance of this painting for the ambience was impressively portrayed in the photo montages displayed in the tunnel of light. This motivated many visitors to settle on a purchase before the price of the Sazarin painting increased the following Saturday. Congratulations on this decision!

We would like to say a warm THANK YOU to our lovely guests, fantastic team, the wonderful Michael Sazarin and simply everyone who attended and experienced this first ART ADVENTURE with us. It’s not all over, though. More events are planned for 2022. Until then, you are welcome to visit La Gioia Ascona for a glass of bubbly and to admire our art and jewellery collections.

Warm regards, Andreas Hoffmann, Martina Mittelmann, Board of Directors, Frackowiak, CD Art and Michael Sazarin, Artist
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